VERSATILE II. The 1st multi filter coffee brewer & tea maker

The most versatile device that allows to drip coffee with both sustainable metal or paper filter, make a cold brew, and a clean tea.

"Device has very nice design and also filtration system gives cleaner results than other metal filters"


Agnieszka Rojewska - 2018 WORLD BARISTA CHAMPION.


It's show time for VERSATILE II, an all-in-one coffee and tea device !


After a good start with our first VERSATILE sustainable pour-over coffee system last year, we have decided to improve the device with more options, providing more possibilities.


About the POUR-OVER, now you can use our sustainable metal filter OR a paper filter depending on the coffee you want to drip, the recipe you want to make, and the efficiency you need.


The other new great option is our innovant double layer tube filter, to make a COLD BREW, and steep a very clean TEA!


Feel free with our ALL IN ONE coffee and tea maker. This is the first fully multi filters brewer:


VERSATILE II is the a sustainable brewer, that works either with our reusable double layer tea & coffee metal filters. It also allows you to use your preferred paper filter like Hario® or Chemex® paper filters to brew the way you like!

Our double layer stainless steel filters have been used by some world famous baristas, and the consistent feedback was that it delivers a very clean cup. But we've learned that the recipe changes depending on the variety of coffee beans used. Some recipes work great with our metal filter while some others get different results with standard paper filters. It is just a matter of taste, but this why we decide to propose a new more versatile dripper element design. This new glass cone will offer you more the possibilities to brew the best specialty coffee by using most appropriate filter, according to the beans and the targeted taste. Furthermore, thanks to our additional world first double layer metal filter with a cylinder shape, you will also infuse a very clean Tea or very easily make some Cold Brew!

This new Glass Cone design has been developed to keep a constant warterflow, and a regular water movement. This new hydrodynamic shape was inspired by helicopter blades, to naturally move the water in one direction only.


 Also the general dimensions have been optimized to allow either prefered paper filters (Hario® and Chemex®), as well as also our very special Silodesign®'s finest quality double layer metal filter.


Now you can obtain the coffee you love using the way you prefer.

  The new glass cone can stand either on the standard glass stand, or on the professional silicone with a plain stainless steel insert.

Hario® V60 paper filter style:

Chemex® paper filter style:

 Silodesign®’s finest quality double layer stainless steel filter:

With these items, you can get the best coffee result ever by choosing the most appropriate filter assets depending on your taste...


1) Mount the Glass Cone on the bottle.

2) Choose your filter, (metal or paper) and put it in the Glass Cone.

3) Add the ground coffee in the filter. (Grind and Weight depends on your recipe)

4) warm up the water at the proper temperature. (usually 92°C)

5) Brew your coffee.

6) Dispose the Glass Cone with filter and coffee on the stand. (glass or silicone rubber, depending the set)

7) Serve it, and close the bottle with the stopper to keep any reserve liquid warm.


Thanks to this high-tech, the infuser has also been dedicated to make very clean COLD BREW.


Super easy to use:

1) Fill the filter with grinded coffee. (10-15grms)

2) Dip the filter in the bottle, with room temperature water..

3) Let it for the night in the refrigerator.

4) Good morning! It's time to savor your COLD BREW...


It's looking like that when you take if from the refrigerator.

Amazing look, isn't it? Stir the beverage before serving...


Because the tea also deserve the best, I have designed the deep filter to be efficient to work for teas and infusions. The result is a very clean tea in the cup, with the full aromatic taste. The taste is balanced and fine with our filter because there is no remaining particles in the cup, compare to another standard tea filter letting pass some tea dust in the cup that would continue to infuse and make the tea bitter. The glass stand is here to receive the filter after the right time of infusion. The bottle can be closed with the stopper, to keep warm for a longer time. The top black silicone piece protects your fingers from the hot liquid, and the edge is anti-drip for a better service.


1) Fill the filter with your tea, and close with the stopper.

2) Fill th bottle with warm water.

3) Put the filter in the bottle, infuse for a few minutes.

 4) Move the filter to the glass stand, and serve your tea...

5) Use the stopper on the bottle to keep warm.

Two botlles are available:


- The single wall bottle is resistant and lightweight. The anti-drip silicone top part, also protect your fingers from the heat when you serve. (Capacity : 640ml)


- The Original insulated double wall bottle keeps the baverage cold or warm for a long time. (Capacity : 500ml)

 ANTI-DRIP: The two bottles have the black silicone top part. The thin edged makes a very precise jet. The material works as a magnet due to its electro-statics reaction with water, the result is an amazing anti-drip functionality.

Both bottles are delivered with a stopper to protect the drink from the dust.

We offer two original sustainable reusable metal filters:


1/ COLD BREW & TEA - The finest quality stainless steel double layer filter to realize an easy cold brew or infuse tea. The cylinder shape fit with our two bottles. Life time washable and reusable.



- To brew hot coffee, here is the finest quality stainless steel double layer filter. The double layer system lets the natural coffee oil pass for a fully aromatic taste with a great body. The mesh is ultra thin inside to avoid any particles to pass through and delivers a very clean cup. An additional small double layer filter at the bottom allows to extract the first and the final drop of coffee for a very balanced taste. This elaborate technology avoids any clogs during drainage allowing the flow and the extraction time to be very constant. Lifetime washable and reusable.



- This is the first double layer stainless steel filter for the AeroPress©. Despite it is not a part of VERSATILE II, we'd like to share it with you. :)


If you are a real coffee addict, you'll need to add this filter with your coffee tools collection !

  We also propose another cool feature. The Pro Stand has several advantages:


- The soft material receive perfectly the Glass Cone, without any risk of damage.

- The Pro stand is unbreakable.

- Heavy, and very stable thanks to its plain stainless steel insert.


The polished stainless steel surface is laser engraved with our logo. :)

Our design process can be resume in a few words...


Sustainability: all the items are made of durable materials, for a very long term use.

Legacy: our conception design goal is to create items that we use for a life time and passes to next generations.

Innovation: each creation and new design brings something new that has never been made before.

Sincerity: the items we create is the items we want to use. Nice, practical, ecological & ethic.

Dream: the items must elevate our imaginary boundaries, and some ideas like LEVITATION, TRANSPARENCES, or FREE MOVEMENT helps us to imagine a new world made of more poetic objects surrounding us...

 Here is a short definition of VERSATILE... We like it, so we'd like to share

All our material are hypoallergenic and durable: they are the same as for surgery instruments. These maerials ensure to avoid any molecule exchange, and are very safe. That's why it will provide the best taste without any chemical contamination.


- The Borosilicate glass, is the same glass as for the chemical industry. Very resistant, and almost impossible to attack it with chemical products. This material is used for syringes for example.


- The silicone rubber is used for all tubing instrument in surgery.


- The stainless steel is the material for most of the surgery’s tools.


 "00:01" (Minuit-Une™ in french) said "twelve-o-one" in english was set up in 2017 to enlight a new series of items dedicated to coffee lovers & professional baristas. Also dedicated to the tea lovers since we discovered the tight links between these two wolds. The designs are made by Romain GAUTHROT, Minuit-Une™ brand is own by Silodesign™. The DNA of the two brands are similar : professional quality, sustainability, efficient use, and stunt design.


"00:01" has a signification: this is the beginning of the day, and also the beginning of the night! What a best moment to enjoy a coffee to be awake and feel happy?

 Our logo has been inspired from a retro "flip clock", like a cinema picture reminding a vintage atmosphere. Because we believe that every good moment is just a matter of good timing. Create the good time, catch the perfect instant, and you'll keep it in your mind for all your life...

We were very exited to win the 1st place with our VERSATILE ONE pour-over coffee maker design, at the Chicago Coffee Fest 2017.


Thank you to all the people that have voted for us! And of course a special thanks to the organization team.


During the show, many great baristas tested our system with their own coffee and knowledge. We must say that we were more than happy to see that nearly 100% loved it! As well for the new ceremonial that it offers, as well as for the clean cup and great taste that the VERSATILE coffee brewer develops.

Silodesign™ was founded in 2003 by Romain GAUTHROT. The main goal is to promote the innovation and creativity on Tableware items. Silodesign™ is the Original brand showing the first mouth-blown double walled glasses in 2003. Other Original designs like the half-sphere bowl lying on a silicone base (2004), the 5 prongs forks "branches" (2005), Eiffel Tower fork (2010), and more, became famous standard of the brand. Thanks to its quality, Silodesign™ works with worldwide Chefs, Five Star Hotels, and Palaces.

You would like to purchase "00-01" coffee & tea devices by Silodesign™?

 That's very simple, just click this link and navigate on the SiloStore

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