Our History



Silodesign was founded in 2003. At this time, Silodesign makes a "Buzz" thanks to its double layer glasses, the first on the market. At the begining we were as well producing design luminairs and also had some furnitures on the line to be produced later. But in 2005 we decided to grow into the tableware productors, to propose freshness, with peotic & innovative items.


Ten years later we furnish Palaces and some of the best restaurants tables Chefs all around the world. Our notoriety was set up by the Professionals. Willing to show our creation to everyone, we develop more and more items able to be integrated to everyone's kitchen with a design touch an professional quality and durability.

Our Philisophy









Silodesign : Name coming from the word

« silo », structure for storing bulk materials.


The brand symbolic concept :


« Accumulate and protect what will be source of creation later.  Then, on the right time, use and valorise. »


Silodesign creates unique objects, each one with its own singular identity.

The Creator




Romain Gauthrot is an atypic french designer, with both technologic and artistic studies.

Since then, merging these two ways, he creates innovating products.


Winner of several stylism, decoration or furniture contests, he set up Silodesign™ in 2003 to invent a new way of creating Tablewares, with a poetic and technical point of view.

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